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Two blocks of mass m=5kg and M=10kg are connected by a string passing over a pulley B as shown. Another string connects the centre of pulley B to the floor and passes over another pulley A as shown.
An upward force F is applied at the centre of pulley A. Both the pulleys are massless. The accelerations of blocks m and M, if F is 300N are

my doubt is that won't the acceleration of M also affect m's acceleration?

As g is constantly applied

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T<Mg and T>mg, M will be remain stationary on the floor,whereas m will move 

Acceleration of m,

a=(T-mg)/m=(75-50)/5 = 5m/s2..

Option a is correct


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can you explain it a little more detailed for example how is t=f/4
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No it will not affect.

Answer will be option A

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