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A beam of width t is incident at 45 degrees on an air-water boundary. Find the width of the beam in water.

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Hint: Apply Snell's Law and Refractive index formula to get the answer

Snell's Law describes the relationship between the angles of the two light waves and the indices of refraction of the two materials as:

n1 x sin(q1) = n2 x sin(q2)

Refractive Index (n) = D(measured)/D(apparent)

where D(measured) is the measured depth (from the surface of the liquid to the position of the mark on the empty cell) using the microscope, and D(apparent) is the mark measurement with and without liquid.

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I did just like that but the answer didn't match
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@Rahul, I have updated the answer.
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Please can u explain it again step by step
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Explain it in step by step

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