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“Workers are exploited in unorganised sector in India”. Support the statement with suitable examples.

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An Unorganized sector is the one where labor union do not exist and workers are not organized. Here, the workers feel exploited as they do not get any platform to fight for their rights. The employer exploits them by not following labor laws framed by the government. The workers of the unorganized sector does not get benefits of rights and facilities what organized sector workers do. They are refrained from the facilities like  insurance, medical facilities, housing facility, and education to children, weekly holiday, etc. This can be explained with the help of an example of an worker at tea stall, the employer makes his worker to work until late night and does not pay any extra wages and even does not pay minimum wage rate. The employer is also not bothered about his basic necessities like  weekly off, clothes on festivals, leisure time in a day and even sometimes physically exploit him.

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