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In a row of girls, Kamya is fifth from the left and Preeti is sixth from the right. When they exchange their Positions, then kamya becomes thirteenth from the left. What will be Preeti’s position from the right?

A) 10th

B) 14th

C) 11th

D) 18th

E) 7th

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Kamya's new position is 13th from left. But it is the same as Preeti's earlier positon wihich is 6th form the right.
The row consists of (12 + 1 + 5) = 18 girls
Now, Preeti's new position is kamya's earlier position which is 5th from the left.
∴ Preeti's new position from the right = 18 - 5 + 1
= 13 + 1 = 14

So. option (A) 14th is correct.

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