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What role does the diary play in Anne Frank’s life?

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hatred and hopes. The diary was very important to her. She was a teenage girl with latent feelings and aspirations which she could not express to anyone except to her diary. It provided an avenue for her to vent her feelings. To her the diary was her friend and confidant. Anne was always in confinement of the Secret Annexe.

She was friendless. Moreover she was not on cordial terms with her mother and sister Margot. She needed to befriend someone who was compassionate to her. The diary provided this need of a friend. She faithfully recorded her feelings in her diary and it helped her to stay composed thoughout her ordeal. She treated her diary as her close – friend and also named it ‘Kitty’ in memory of her estranged dear cat, whom they could not bring it along with them to the Secret Annexe.

Anne coped with the problem of isolation and lonliness by writing her feelings in her diary. The diary gave her a much needed sense of security, because she considered it as her greatest friend. She expressed her inner turmoil and thoughts in her diary and pondered for answers, which gave her a certain maturity to her thoughts as she grew up.

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