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I am sorry if I posted in wrong category, but the best category I thought would be Skill Tips. So let me continue!

I am also planning to start a youtube channel on gaming. And recently I was viewing others channels. Droidcheat, Android Gamer, and Gamer Technical. Among them Droidcheat and Gamer Technical are delivering same kind of videos. But the channel Droidcheat is getting more that 10000+ views for an average video, whereas the channel Gamer Technical's some videos are extraordinary but they aren't getting more than 10 views. So I am confused what to do? If I start youtube channel and ended in 10 views, it will be worst. How do I grow audience and how can I learn from Gamer Technical?

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Making a Youtube channel  more popular is not a single night activity. It takes some time and dedication to get it success.

From your query, you want to create game channel. Droidcheat is getting more view because of their good quality game and attractive animation effect.

You have to do the same and in different way to get more view of your Youtube channel. If your video is relevant then definitely you will get more views.

I would suggest, you should focus on good quality video and better animation effect in games.

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