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Discuss the essential elements of positive sports Environment.

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For positive sports environments, we have various elements for better result in sports. Positive sports environment consists of the following essential elements. 

(a) Sports Stadiums or Sports Complexes :- Sports stadiums or sports complexes should be well planned. Stadiums should be constructed according to the requirement. The site of the stadium must be free from air pollution. There must be proper provision of safe drinking water, urinals, toilets and sufficient space for parking vehicles. 

(b) Sports attitude:- The most important element for a positive sports environment is sports attitude. It becomes the duty of the sports teachers, coaches or trainers to make the athletes and players mentally ready to play. Participation in physical activities helps to develop the individual physical activities helps to develop the individual physically and mentally. People should have positive attitude towards sports activities. Sense of oneness, team work, sense of co-operation, sportsmanship through games and sports. 

(c) Drugs, tobacco and Alcohol free Environment:- The coaches, parents, spectators, players and other officials should refrain from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. They should try to promote positive sports environment by refraining themselves from such substances. 

(d) Normal climatic conditions :- There should be normal climatic conditions for positive sports environment. Practicing in extreme heat and cold conditions may cause the heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, frost brite etc. So the sports persons should practice in normal climatic conditions. 

(e) Education related to sports :- Sports education should be compulsory to create a positive sports environment to create a positive sports environment. Knowledge about different types of tournaments, rules and regulations and their importance in society motivates the people towards sports. So sports related education is an essential element of positive sports environment.

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