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Explain in detail the importance of Test and Measurement in the field of sports.

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In a physical education and sports programme it is important to select a target. lf a person desires to improve himself in different aspects of fitness he will have to undergo fitness programmes. Test and Measurement in physical education are the devices that are needed to collect the details regarding the needs, abilities and attitudes of a sports person. 

A test is basically a situational presentation where specific responses are collected from the subject. These responses are measured both qualitatively and quantitatively. Measurement is about collection of data of performance or task completed by a sports person by using test and scientific techniques. 

Test and Measurement is an important feature in the field of physical education and sports.

The following points indicate the importance of Test and Measurement in the field of sports- 

1. To frame the objectives - Test and Measurement helps in setting the target or goal according to the need and requirement.By adopting the Test and Measurement techniques the physical education teachers gets an accurate idea about the progress made by the students. 

2. To evaluate the learners - In the field of physical education and sports Test and Measurement helps in collection of data which further helps in evaluating the learners ability separately. lt also helps the sports person in enhancing his sports performance. 

3. To evaluate teaching programme - Test and Measurement is a scientific tool which helps the teacher to adopt correct methodology upon the sportsman so that desired results may be achieved. 

4. To know capacities and capabilities - Through Test and Measurement the teachers get aware of the ability and capacities of the students which provides a platform in preparation of fitness programme. 

5. To discover the needs and requirements of the participants - Needs of the participants are correctly assessed by the scientific approach of Test and Measurement. lt helps in knowing where more emphasis is needed so that target may be achieved.

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