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Explain the procedure for fixing marks for skinfold measurements.

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The marking of skinfold measurements should be proper for taking accurate anthropometric measurements. So, for proper marking of skinfold measurements the following procedures should be taken into consideration.
1. Triceps skinfold -
The child or adult must stand upstraight with arms relaxed.With the help of a measuring tape mark a point with a pen at the centre of triceps.This is the point or mark from where the skinfold measurement should be done with the help of a skinfold caliper.
2. Sub scapula skinfold-
Find out the exact location of scapula.The skin fold area is just below the inferior angle of scapula.Skin fold measurement should be done with the help of skin fold calipers.

3. Suprailiac skinfold -
The intersection of a line joining the spinal and front part of armpit and horizontal line at the level of iliac crest can be marked for skinfold measurement.
4. Abdomen skinfold -
The abdomen muscles of the subject must be relaxed.He may be asked to hold the breath if any movement interferes the process of measurement. A point should be marked 3 cm to the rightand 1 cm below the midpoint of umbilicus.
5. Thigh skinfold —
The child or adult whose measurement is to be taken must sit on a chair with his back completely straight.Now mark a point exactly between the knee cap and the inguinal crease on the thigh for skinfold measurement.

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