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Explain the procedure of measuring somatotypes in brief.

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Somatotypes means human body shape, and physique types.somatotypes helps the physical education and sports teachers to classify the studentsfor particular sports and games on the basis of physical,mental ,and practical aspects. 

The procedure of measuring somatotypes is based on the classification by W.H.SHELDON- 

1. Endomorphy- Such individuals have short arms and legs and rounded physique.The upper parts of arms and legs are significantly thicker than the lower parts.Their excessive mass hinders their ability to compete in sports.

2. Mesomorphy- Such individuals have balanced body compositions and athletic physique.they are able to increase their muscle size quickly and easily and have rectangular shaped body.Their chest and shoulders are broader in comparision to their waist line. 

3. Ectomorphy- These individuals are generally slim because their muscles and limbs are elongated.As they have weak constitution of body and usually face difficulties in gaining weight.Their light body constitution makes them suited for aerobic activities like gymnastics.

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