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Main functions of skeletal system are given below:

i. Shape and structure: The boney framework gives human being its shape and structure like tall or small, thin or stout.

ii. Support: it gives support to the body that comes out as a human body. The bones provide support to our muscular system. 

iii. Protection: bones protect our vital organs. Example: skull protects brain, thoracic cage protects heart, lungs and pancreas. 

iv. Lever: bones act as a lever like a simple machine. For example while lifting a weight, movable joints like elbow joint acts like fulcrum and length of arm bone acts like crow bar to reduce effort and helps to lift weight. 

v. Store house: The hollow space of bones acts like a storehouse of different minerals and salts like calcium, potassium, iron, etc. 

vi. Production of RBCs: red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. It is the factory to produce RBCs. 

vii. Junction : bones provide junction or attachment to skeletal muscle that helps in visible movement. 

viii. Self repair: Whenever bones are damaged, they are capable of doing self repair.

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