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Explain different types of joints in human body.

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Following are the different types of joints, 

i. Immovable or fibrous joints. They are fixed joints. They never move. Example: joints of skull.

ii. Slightly movable or cartilaginous joints. These joints provide very little movement. Example: backbone joints, pelvic joints.

iii. Freely movable or synovial joints. These joints provide different movements. There are five main types of movable joints. 

  • Hinge joint. These joints allow a forward and backward movement. Example: knee joints, elbow joints. 
  • Pivot joint. These joints give a rotation movement. Such as the movement of neck. 
  • Ball and socket joint. In these joints one bone has ball like shape and other has a socket like shape. They are fit together to make a free movable joint. Example shoulder joint and hip joint. 
  • Saddle joint. It is a joint where one of the bones forming the joint is shaped like a saddle with the other bone resting on it like a rider on a horse. Example: wrist joint. 
  • Gliding joint. It is a joint in which articulation of contiguous bones allows only gliding movements, as in the wrist and the ankle.


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