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1. Long bones: They are long and wide. They act as lever. They are found in legs and arms. 

Example: humerus, femur, tibia and fibula. 

2. Short bones: They are short in size and cube shaped. They are found in wrist and phalanges. 

Example: metatarsal and carpal. 

3. Flat bones: These bones are flat and thin. They are composed of a central layer of sponge bone fixed between two outer layers of compact bone. Example: ribs and shoulder. 

4. Sesamoid bones: These bones are seed like shaped and developed in the tendons where there is more friction. Example: palms of hands, sole of feet and knee caps. 

5. Irregular bones: These bones have complexed shaped as compared to other types. The bones of spinal column and skull are examples of these bones. 

6. Sutural bones: They are situated in sutural joints in the skull.

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