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Elucidate the importance of anatomy and physiology in the field of sports.

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Study of anatomy and physiology plays very important role in the field of sports because of following reasons. 

i. Helps in physical fitness: Strong and fit body is an inevitable asset in the field of sports. Study of anatomy and physiology helps a sport person to understand the structure and function of different parts of human body and to acquire a fit and healthy body. 

ii. Provides knowledge about body structure: on the basis of knowledge of body structure, a sport person knows about the strength and weakness of his body and accordingly they can develop forte in the field of game which is suitable for the sport person as per their body structure. 

iii. Helps in selection of games: on the basis of knowledge of body structure, the coach and player can choose an appropriate sport/ game which is suitable for a particular sport. Like tall students can be selected for basketball and volleyball. And short and stout students can be selected for weight lifting.

iv. Protects from sports injuries: on the basis of anatomy, sports equipments are designed that help in safe play. 

v. Helps in the process of rehabilitation: knowledge of ligaments, tendons and muscles helps in rehabilitation from the injuries sustained during the game or sport. 

vi. Helps in maintaining healthy body: study of anatomy and physiology provides detailed knowledge about all body parts, their nature and functions. This helps the player to adopt good, safe and healthy use of body. 

vii. Helps to know about individual differences: there is a lot of difference between the body of male and female. The knowledge of anatomy and physiology helps in understanding these individual differences. On the basis of these differences, the size of the court, time of game and equipment are designed differently for male and female players.

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