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What is respiration? Define external and internal respiration.

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  • The body needs energy to perform various vital activities. 
  • This energy is obtained mainly by oxidation of carbohydrates & fats. Oxidation of these substances consumes O2 & release CO2. The process of consumption of O2 and the release of CO2 is termed as respiratory exchange.
  • According to Carter, respiration involves external respiration, internal respiration & cellular respiration. 
  • Mammals exhibit aerial respiration which needs a respiratory system. 
  • The respiratory system concerns with an intake of O2 and giving out of CO2.

Types of Respiration: 

The respiration is of two types: 

  • External respiration: It takes place in the lung alveoli. taking in of O2 and giving out of CO2 is termed as external respiration or Breathing or Ventilation. It is a physical process. 
  • Internal respiration: In taking of O2 by the body cells and production of CO2 and ATP is called internal or cellular respiration. 

The internal respiration is of two types: 

  • Aerobic respiration: Cellular respiration in the presence of O2 is called aerobic respiration. 
  • Anaerobic respiration: The cellular respiration in lack of O2 is called anaerobic respiration.

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