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Elucidate the importance of biomechanics in sports.

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i. Improves performance in sports: principles of biomechanics tell us about right techniques, effective and result oriented posture to get more efficient results by applying minimum muscular force which in turn improves performance in sports. 

ii. Improvement in technique: with the help of biomechanical principles the physical education teacher corrects the mistakes. This helps in improving the game and performance of the player. 

iii. Development of improved sports equipment: the principles of biomechanics are used to modify the sports equipments. For example, tee shirts, studs, spikes, swimming costumes, hockey sticks, different size footballs and low weight helmets for protection. 

iv. Improve in training techniques: a teacher can analyse the player’s movement or action with the help of the biomechanical principles. It helps in improving the training techniques. 

v. Prevents sports injuries: it helps to find out the factors or the forces that can lead to the injuries during the game situation. It also helps in prevention of the sports injury.

vi. Helps in understanding human body: it gives the knowledge of different systems of our body. For example, nervous system, muscular system and skeletal system. 

vii. Knowledge of safety principles: biomechanics gives the understanding to analyse different movements that can harm the player. The teachers remove those unnecessary and harmful movements. 

viii. Helps in research work: biomechanics helps in teaching and learning process. It also helps the teacher to acquire precision and accuracy of movement. 

ix. Creates confidence in player: The player knows that he is executing the movement scientifically with the help of principal of biomechanics. Thus the confidence of the player is enhanced. 

x. Helps in maintaining healthy body: Principals of biomechanics gives deep knowledge about the effect of physical forces and movements over the body as well as the movements which are safe and promotes health. Thus biomechanics helps in maintaining healthy body. 

xi. Increases the popularity of sports: biomechanical principles have brought remarkable improvements in respect of technique, equipment, skill and play fields. It helps in promoting the games and sports in the masses.

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