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(i) Emotions are intense feeling that are directed at someone or something. They are subjective, concious experiences characterised by expressions, biological reactions and medical status.
(ii) It is complete physiological state that involve three distinct components
(a) a subjective experience
(b) a physiological response
(c) a behavioural or expressive response
Methods of controlling emotions :-
1. Stop and evaluate - One of the best thing you can do is mentally stop yourself and look at the situation. Then think the positive aspects of your current situation.

2. Physical activity - It changes the mood by taking in distraction, thus perform physical activity. 

3. Take proper food : Amount of salt may be reduced in food. Quantity of potassium may be controlled which is responsible for systolic and diastolic pressure reduction in blood. We should include pear, tomato, banana, orange and nuts in our food. 

4. Avoid tension : Tension increases high BP. So we should remain tension free in difficult situations also participation in games and entertainment activities reduce high BP. 

5. Exercise regularly and participation in games and sports : Regular exercise help in reduction of high blood pressure. Average types of exercise done vigorously for a longer period of time are very effective in reducing high BP. In the beginning exercise may be done at slow pace, then the pace may be increases slowly.

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