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Write down the Method of Warming- Up in detail.

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There are following methods of Warming-up which are generally used:-
I General Method
1. Jogging: Every athlete should perform Jogging or slow running for 5 to 10 minutes to increase the body temperature.
2. Simple Exercise: This is also a way of warming-up. The exercise should be performed from simple to complex.
3. Striding: It means running the distance with long strides. The distance of running should be not more than 50 metres.
4. Stretching Exercise : Stretching is one of the most critical parts of warm-up and of an athlete’s performance. A more flexible muscle is stronger and healthier.
5. Wind sprints : This is the last part of warming-up. It is usually done with spikes on. In wind sprints the distance of 25 to 30 m may be covered.
II Warm-up with warm water: Warm-up with warm water is usually done in developed countries.
III Warm-up through Massage: This is an old method of warm-up. It was used in India by Wrestlers to get warmed-up.
IV Warm-up by Hot Drinks:- Before the competition use of coffee or tea to get them warmed up, but it is not considered a good method.
V Through Sun Bath:- the body can be warmed up through sunbath up to some extent, but most of sports this method of warming-up is not usually applied.
VI Through Steambath:- The body can be warmedup through steambath. Energy can be saved through steam bath but this method of warming-up also not used frequently.

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