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Explain in detail the classification of Skills.

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There are a number of sports activities and each activity requires a set of Skills. There are various skills such as shooting in basket ball, serving in badminton, overhead kick in football. Owing to many characteristics of skill, it is really difficult to clarify them. Generally, there are following skills:- 

  1. Open Skill :- The Skill which are not under control and are unpredictable are classified as open skill. Example:- football, hockey. 
  2. Closed Skill:- close skills take place in a stable, predictable environment and the performer knows explicitly what to do and when to do for example free throw in basketball and serving in squash or tennis. 
  3. Simple skill:- the skills which do not require large amount of coordination, timings and decision. These skills are straight forward, easy to learn and not difficult to perform, for example chest pass, underarm service and straight jump. 
  4. Complex Skill:- The skills, which require large amount of coordination, timing and quick thought process are called complex skills. For example handspring in Gymnastics, Overhead kick in football. 
  5. Gross Skills:- The skills, which involve large muscle movements and do not have precise movements are called gross skills. 
  6. Fine Skills:- These skills include complex precise movements using small muscle groups. For example A snooker shot and playing the piano. 
  7. Discrete Skills:- These skills are brief and have a clearcut beginning and end. For example penalty kick in hockey. 
  8. Continuous Skills:- These skills have no obvious beginning and end the end of one cycle of movement and beginning of the next. For example cycling is example of continuous skills. 
  9. Coactive Skills:- Coactive skills are those skills which are performed at the same time as others without direct confrontation. For example swimming and running. 
  10. Interactive Skills:- Interactive skills are those skills where other participants or performers are directly involved. For example football, netball and handball. 
  11. Serial Skills:- These skills are a group of discrete skills which are performed in serial to make a complex movement. for example sequence of skills in triple jump. 
  12. Individual Skills:- Individual skills are those skills which are performed in isolation. For example high jump and long jump.

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