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How was the Hobbes’ Social Contract Theory criticized? Explain. 


Explain the shortcomings of the Social Contract Theory of Hobbes.

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The following are the shortcomings of the social contract theory of Hobbes: 

1. Unilateral explanation of human nature behaviour: 

Hobbes has given a one sided description unilaterally of the human nature. He has presented only the negative side of human behaviour. In fact, a person also has the spirit of charity besides that of selfishness. 

2. A person is a social creature, not lonely: 

Hobbes thinks of a person as a lonely creature, whereas he is, in fact, a social creature. A person wants to be in the society because of his nature as well as necessity. 

3. Natural State an imaginary portrayal: 

It has been proved by research into primitive time of history, that a person cannot survive under the state of permanent war. 

4. Impossible imagination of the contract: 

As per Hobbes’ concept, a person was selfish and quarrelsome in the natural state, if so, then a hope cannot be had from such person for any contract. For any contract, rationality is required, which was not there in men, as per Hobbes.

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