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Make a comparison of thoughts of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau on the Natural State.

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Comparison of the related thoughts of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau on the Natural State:

According to Hobbes, because of monstrous tendencies embedded in human behaviour, the natural state was extremely painful, impoverished and strife – torn. This was the state of continuous struggle and war. In this state of affairs, every individual was at undeclared war with others. The powerful persons tortured the weak people. Violence was prevalent everywhere and there was lack of morality.

According to Locke, because of the people being charitable and rational, the natural state was peaceful. All the people were equal. People followed natural laws and tenets of morality. Natural rights of life, freedom and property, etc. were in practice. In this way, natural state was completely moral, social and duty compliant.

According to Rousseau, natural state was an ideal state. In this state, people lead a life of eternal pleasure. The people were not selfish, but this natural state could not last for long. The desire of family and private property developed in the people. With the rise of private property, there came an end to the natural state of equality and freedom.

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