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Mention any four defects of General Will theory of Rousseau.

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Defects of Rousseau’s General Will Theory: 

The following are the main shortcomings of the ‘General will’ theory of Rousseau: 

1. Blurred and difficult: 

Rousseau’s idea of General Will is difficult to understand and unclear. Rousseau thinks the truth as General Will, but it is not explained as to who would decide the truth. How exactly ‘General Will’ shall be decided, is also not clear. 

2. Difference between practical will and ideal will imaginative: 

Both, the tendencies of personal selfishness and public interests are found in an individual. These are not segregated. Which will is ideal and which one is ‘General’, it is difficult to find out. 

3. Explanation of General Interest Difficult: 

In General Will theory, it is difficult to find out as to which work is for general interest and which one is against it. 

4. Direct Democracy not appropriate:

‘General Will’ establishes direct democracy, which is not appropriate for big countries having large populations.

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