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What is political awareness? Mention the contribution of political awareness in the development of state.

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Meaning of political awareness: 

Political awareness means awareness towards fulfillment of the objectives behind the creation of the state. 

Contribution of political awareness in the development of the state:

Besides religion, blood – relation and social awareness, the most important factor in the development of the state is political awareness. By this political awareness only, certain definite political goals can be achieved. Because of safety to the people, security to the property and also to decide the relations of families due to the rising population, such it was felt that such political organizations and laws should be formed which could manage the system.

As the human society developed, their necessities and complexities also increased in proportion. The resolution of all these issues became possible through political awareness. The system of rules and laws developed due to political awareness. In present time also, political law is the main ingredient for the development of the state.

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