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Describe in brief the efforts of UNO for environmental conservation.

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  • Till two decades of the establishment of UNO, environmental agenda was not given priority by UNO. After 1960, oil spills leading to water pollution matters were taken up by UNO. 
  • In 1970, an ambitious programme of reducing expansion of desertification in South Africa was run by UNO. 
  • In 1972 at Stockholm convention, the matter was highlighted that nonconservation would lead to economic impediment. 
  • After this convention, countries established United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).| 
  • In the 1980’s, the general assembly of UNO organised a convention on environment and development, where importance on aim of sustainable development was highlighted otherwise future generations would be affected. 
  • The same decade, witnessed the agreements related to protection of ozone layer and emission of hazardous chemicals.

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