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Define Cold War and describe its result.

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The term ‘Cold War’ stands for hostile and tense international relations between USA and USSR. It was based on political distrust, espionage and diplomatic manoeuvering. When both parties (America and Russia) involved, threaten each other on international platform to wage open war if their enterests not secured, this situation is termed as ‘Cold War’. 

Definition of ‘Cold War’ :

1. Lewis Hall in his book ‘The Cold War as History’ writes that “It was a bitter state of tension betwen the two blocs more dangerous than the armed conflict”. 

2. Nature of cold war as explained by M.S. Rajan was “Ideological hatred, political distrust military competition and bitter relations”. 

The seeds of Cold War were planted with Russian Revolution in 1917 but it fully developed in mid of 20th century after the second World War.

The results of this Cold War (1917-1990) are as follows :

  • Converted Concept of Balance Power : Before Cold War, balance of power was based on military strength, but after that it took the shape of ‘Balance of Terror’. This became the subject of concern which superpower would maintain greater influence by its activities and terrify other countries of the world. 
  • Peaceful End of Cold War : That, the Cold War would turn into hot war was uncertain. But it ended as a Cold War only with the disintegration of Soviet Union. 
  • Loss of Public and Property : Loss of public and property during the Cold War was not any less than the loss in world wars.
  • Disintegration of Soviet Union : Due to the situation of continuous war, the economic balance of Russia was disturbed and Russia became weak. Small states took advantage of it and declared themselves independent. As a result, Soviet Union was disintegrated. 
  • Shock for United Nations Organisation : UNO was deeply hurt by this cold war. This organisation was established for the welfare of world but now it had become the only centre for fulfilling the incomplete ambitions of these two superpowers (America and Russia). 
  • Loss of Humanity : During the Cold War then contemporary generation of Europe and America took birth in the atmosphere of tension and distrust. Due to this, humanity was deprived of moving forward in positive and creative direction.

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