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Mention the achievements and failures of Non-Aligned movement.

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Achievements of NAM :

  • The popularity of NAM is proved by the fact that in first top-level summit held in Belgrade in 1961, 25 members states were there, and in the 16th summit held in Tehran in 2012 this number increased to 120. 
  • Non-Alignment has prevented the eruption of war among the nations. 
  • The cold war got slowed down by the policy of Non-Alignment. 
  • NAM played a major role in maintaining peace in areas like Germany, Korea, China, Indo-China, Congo, etc. NAM got international recognition as it tried to dilute the tense situations in the above countries. 
  • Being a founder member of NAM, India placed the matter of nuclear test ban before international platform in 1954. As a result in 1963, partial ban was placed on Nuclear tests. 
  • It was the attempt of NAM that the voice of developing countries could be heard by the world, otherwise it would have been suppressed by the developed nations.

  • NAM tried to give a creative outlook in international politics.

Failures of Non-Aligned Movement :

  • In principle, the responsibility of NAM is to ensure the neutrality of nations, but in practice many NAM countries have not lived up to it. 
  • The policy of NAM has failed to provide any security to the member countries.
  • To get cooperation Non-Aligned countries have signed many contracts with both super powers. 
  • NAM has not also provided the economic security to its member states. 
  • The founders of NAM India, Egypt and Yugoslavia could not make any change in the hostile policies of the two leaders. 
  • For example : China tightened its hold on Tibet.
  • The Arabs and Israel fought four wars but no NAM country played any active role in stalling them.
  • In the freedom struggle of countries like Algeria, Angola and Mozambique, the role of NAM countries has been negligible. 
  • NAM was unsuccessful in ending the aggressive policy of superpowers.

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