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Mention the meaning and objectives of Non-Alignment and Explain its relevance at the present time.

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Meaning of Non-Alignment: Every nation needs the recognition of the contemporary world. Its glorification does not depend on its being part of a bloc or superpower but on its independent stand. When two or more nations raise their voice to remain independent on an international platform then it is termed as ‘Non-Alignment’. This movement came into existence in 1961.

Objectives : The main objectives of NAM are as follows :

1. It opposed colonialism and imperialism.

2. Criticisim of racial discrimination. 

3. Peaceful coexistence among the nations. . 

4. It must not be a member of a military group. 

5. Promotion of world peace. , 

6. Disarmament. 

7. Establishment of exploitation-free economic relations among nations on the basis of equality.

Relevance of Non-Aligned movement at the present time :

  • NAM continues to be a global movement, a movement of all the third-world countries which constitute 2/3rd of the total membership of the world community. 
  • It has all along been a movement against neo-colonialism. 
  • NAM stood committed to secured restructuring of international economic relations with a view to make these fair and equitable for all the countries, developed as well as developing.

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