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Explain in detail the efforts for solution of problems related to environment conservation.

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Environment is a sensitive issue of discussion in today’s world as it is getting polluted day by day. It is a good sign that the countries of the world are deliberating on the international platform on this issue. 

The following efforts have been done by the different nations of the world for environment conservation.

1. UN Environment Programme :

  • In 1972 at Stockholm convention over the matter of Environment was highlighted. 
  • o In 1970 an amibitious programme of reducing expansion of desertification in South Africa was run by UNO. 
  •  In 1980’s the General Assembly of UNO organised a convention on Environment and Development where importance and aim of sustainable development was highlighted, without which future generations would be adversely affected, 
  • The same decade witnessed the agreements related to protection of Ozone layer and control on emission of hazardous chemicals.

2. The Earth Summit of 1992 : In 1992 in Rio-de-Janeiro in Brazil, Environment and Development Conference also known as ‘Earth Summit’ was convened. More than 150 representatives of the world participated in it. The important subjects related to the environment were discussed in the summit.

3. World Environment and Green House Summit: In 1997 ‘World Environment and Green House Summit’ was organised in Kyoto (Japan) which mooted the reduction in emission of gases responsible for global warming. 

4. New York Earth Sumit of 1997 : An Earth summit took place in June 1999 in New York to estimate the progress of Rio-De-Janeiro summit. 

5. Johannesburg Earth Summit : A convention took place in Johannesburg of South Africa in 2002 in which persisting issues were discussed. 

6. United Nations Climate Agreement Summit : This summit was held in Montreal (Canada) in 2005 in which issues related to Climate were discussed. 

7. Climate Change Summit 2015 : This summit was held in Paris in 2015.134 countries participated to find ways to mitigate the dangerous effects of climate change. After a prolonged deliberation it was decided to limit the rise of Earth’s temperature and to implement the provisions of the Paris agreement by 2020.

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