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Explain various steps of sericulture in detail.

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Rearing of Silkworm:

  • Silkworm rearing is an extensive month-long exercise starting from egg stage, aestivation, hibernation, incubation and finally cocoon formation. For maintaining the systemic culture, Grainage technology is important.

Grainage Management:

  • The most important stage of sericulture is the production of healthy and disease-free eggs and egg management and it plays a vital role in which the success of the industry depends. There are the main objectives of Grainage Management.
  • This managements keep caterpillars with healthy nutrients, disease-free etc. cocoons are developed from caterpillars.
  • After the last selection, cocoons are separated by their sex. This is performed using Naghara instrument. This machine cut 10,000 to 15,000 cocoons. For the industrial purpose of egg production, loose types of cocoons are used. Mass pebrine detecting machine or simple microscope is used for detection of female adult silkworm and Sabrin disease-free worm.

Supply of seed to rearers and commercial rearing:

After grainage management, the second step is to supply eggs to cultivators. On the basis of the knowledge and experience of cultivators, it is of 2 types –

  1. Supply of eggs
  2. Supply of Instar Caterpillar
  • Those who have the experience to culture silkworm, take eggs but those having no experience always take 2 stages instar caterpillar. I, II, and III stages of Caterpillar are carefully handled. IV and V stage instar caterpillar are provided nutrients through a nylon net plate.
  • From this technique, high quality of cocoons has been made. To culture 1,2,3,4, and 5 instar caterpillar temperature should be 27°C, 27°C, 25°C, 24°C & 23°C maintained respectively.

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