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Describe the role played by Subhash Chandra Bose and his Azad Hind Fauj (Indian National Army) in the national struggle of India.

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Role played by Subhash Chandra Bose and his Azad Hind Faun in the national struggle for Freedom: 

The non – co – operation movement inspired Subhash Chandra Bose to resign from the Indian Civil Service. He then joined the Indian National Congress party and whole – heatedly participated in the national freedom movement. He started his political career under the leadership of Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das. At the age of 33, he was elected the Mayor of Calcutta and the president of the Indian National Congress.

Again in 1939, he was elected the president of the Indian National in 1938. Congress in spite of Gandhiji’s opposition. But after some time, due to the difference of opinion, he separated himself from the Congress and established Forward Bloc within the Congress party. Subhash Chandra had a firm determinition that the Britishers would not quit India without being defeated in war.

He won the hearts of all – the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs and the Christians, and gave the slogan “Dilli Challo” to free his country. His basic principle was, “Give me blood and I shall give you freedom”. He organized the Indian women into an army battalion in the name of Jhansi ki Rani Laxmi Bai. In May 1944, the Bharat Azad Hind Fauj reached up till Kohima. in India Unfortunately, the Japanese Army began to retreat from the conquered countries.

The result was that Indian National Army fell short of arms, ammunition and food. On 3rd May 1945, Azad Hind Faun was forced to surrender. It is said that on August 18th , 1945, Subhash Chandra Bose was killed in an air crash. While all the countries of the world were holding a summit to co – operate one another in accomplishing their selfish ends, the Indian residents in Japan held a conference at Tokyo.

They organized Indian Independence League. They wanted to helplines in getting rid of British slavery. Rash Behari Bose, the Indian resident in Japan, proposed to revive Azad Hind Fauj. Netaji inspired his country more from Berlin radio to raise arms against the English rulers. Netaji’s thoughts had a deep influence on Indians. This is clear from the popularity of his slogans “Dilli Challo” and ‘Jai Hind”.

Indian women too showed great patriotic zeal. A separate regiment of Indian women was formed, Its commander was captain Laxmi Sehgal. It was named as Rani Jhansi Regiment. Azad Hind Fauj became a symbol of Indian unity, dedication and an example of supreme sacrifice. The Britishers had a step – motherly treatment towards Azad Hind Faun.

The British authorities were so furious against the three responsible officers of Azad Hind Faun, viz. Gurdayal Singh Dhillon, Shah Nawaz and P.M. Sehgal, that they were tried at the Red Fort, Delhi as prisoners of war. The British government was forced to announce their acquittal though they had been found guilty of punishable crime. The main cause was the demonstration by the student community throughout the country.

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