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Briefly describe the significance of the ‘Quit India movement’.

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The significance of Quit India Movement can be clarified from the following points: 

1. An awakening among the people: 

The chief purpose of Quit India Movement was to awaken the Indian public against the tyranny of the British rule and to make them mentally prepared to face the Britishers’ oppression. The movement succeeded in its aim to a great extent. This movement brought a new awakening and developed a strength to deal with the tyrannical regime of the British rulers. 

2. Prepared a background for freedom: 

This movement prepared a background for freedom. The movement made the British rulers realize Indian’s increasing sentiment towards patriotism and awakening towards freedom. 

3. Revolt of the navy: 

As a result of this movement, a group of naval sailors rose in revolt in 1946. This revolt told beyond all doubts that now it was difficult for the British administration to suppress the rising spirit among the Indians for freedom. 

4. The International opinion was formed in favour of India: 

After the Second World War, the opinion of the British allies was in favour of giving freedom to India. Chief among them were United States of America, France and Holland.

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