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What are the anatomical features of structure of root?

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  1. Outermost layer is named as epiblema  (= piliferous layef = rhizodermis) which bears large number of short lived unicellular hair, Cuticle and stomata are absent.
  2. Cortex is made up of parenchymatous cells.
  3. Endodermis is very distinct.
  4. Pericycle is very distinct.
  5. Vascular bundles are radially arranged.
  6. Xylem is exarch i. e., protoxylem is towards the periphery and metaxylem towards centre.
  7. Phloem is made up of sieve tubes, companion cells and phloem parenchyma. (Phloem parenchyma is absent in monocotyledonous plants).
  8. In between the patches of xylem and phloem is found parenchyma which is called conjuctive tissue.
  9. For studying similarities and differences of internal structure of monocot and dicot root, we will study with help of transverse section of maize and gram respectively.

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