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Explain the internal structure of dorsiventral leaf with help of well labelled diagram? Differentiate between internal structure of Dorsiventral and Isobilateral leaf?

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Internal Structure of Leaf: On basis of internal structure leaf has been divided into three types

  • Bifacial or dorsiventral leaves: The leaves which possess distinct dorsal and ventral surfaces are called dorsiventral. The palisade is usually present below the upper epidermis.
  • Unifacial leaves: The leaves which do not show any distinction of upper and lower surfaces are called unifacial. Example, cylindrical leaves of Allium.
  • Isobilateral or Equifacial leaves: The leaves in which the upper and lower surfaces are similar, are called Equifacial. The mesophyll is generally not differentiated into palisade and spongy parenchyma or, if differentiated, the palisade is present on both the sides.

Detailed structure of a part of T.S of maize Leaf

Detailed structure of a part of T.S. of mango leaf.

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