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Please provide me the essay on the topic "SOMETIMES THE HEART SEES WHAT IS INVISIBLE TO EYES"

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This is a well known quote by H. Jackson Brown. It means that the heart (emotion and subconscious ) feels things that the eyes (mind or logic or conscious) cannot understand. Sometimes you feel something is right or wrong deep down but cannot express or find a reason for it.This quote refers that emotions and feelings are only understood by heart. Our eyes cannot see the kindness and loyalties but our heart surely does. Our eyes work only with the brain and helps us see, but the inclusion of heart in the human body, not only circulates blood, but also completes our vision.

Most of us do believe that god does exist, but has anyone seen him? Obviously the answer is No, but we all feel with our own heart that God resides in this world and is responsible for the good and bad happening. If the question is raised, do you believe in God, most of us do say yes. But if someone says, since our eyes did not view the God, the God is not present, most of us wouldn't agree, as our heart sees it.

Friendship, love, affection, care, faithfulness, truthfulness .... are all the emotions and feelings observed by are heart, but not by our eyes. Eyes can see only the physical state of something, but our heart is capable of viewing the emotional state and feelings.

With our eyes, we can see that a person has a pretty smile and always happy, but only our heart can understand the deep and lonely side, which cannot be perceived by our brain and eyes. The level of understanding and bonding can only increase when our heart possess the capability of understand inner feelings.

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