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In brief, state what happens when:

(a) Dry apricots are left for some time in pure water and later transferred to the sugar solution.

(b) A red blood cell is kept in concentrated saline solution?

(c) Rheo leaves are boiled in water first and then a drop of sugar syrup is put on it?

(d) The plasma -membrane of a cell breaks down?

(e) Golgi apparatus is removed from the cell?

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(a) Dry apricots when left in pure water, will gain water due to endosmosis, and swell. When placed in a concentrated sugar solution, they lose water due to exosmosis and will shrink.

(b) If an RBC is kept in concentrated saline solution, it will lose water and shrink.

(c) Boiling of Rheo leaves in water kills the cells in the plasma membrane. When a drop of sugar syrup is put on it, the process of plasmolysis will not occur, because only the living cells can absorb water by osmosis, dead cells are not able to do so.

(d) If plasma membrane of a cell breaks down:

(i) Shapes of the cell will be affected.

(ii) Cell components of that cell may get damaged.

(iii) Harmful substances may enter the cell.

(iv) Useful substances may flow out of the cell.

(e) If the Golgi apparatus is removed from the cell:

(i) Secretion process of the cell will be stopped.

(ii) Packaging and transportation of useful material will be stopped.

(iii) There will be no formation and repair of broken membranes, lysosomes, plasma membrane etc. No removal of dead cell components will take place.

(iv) Acrosome formation in sperms will not take place, so it will not be able to enter the egg.

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