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The pressure of the gas in a constant volume gas thermometer is 70kPa at the ice point.  Find the pressure at the steam point.

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Temperature of ice point T1 = 273.15 K

Temperature of steam point T2 = 372.15 K

Pressure of the gas in a constant volume thermometer at ice point P1 = 70 kpa


Let Ptr be the pressure of the triple point and P2 be the pressure at the steam point.

The temperature - pressure relations for ice point and steam point are given as follows:-

For Ice Point,

T1 = P1/Ptr × 273.16 K

273.15 = 70/Ptr × 10×10×10×273.16

Ptr = (70×10×10×10×273.16)/273.15 Pa

For Steam Point,

T2 = 273.16/Ptr K

On substituting the value of Ptr, we get:

373.15 = (P2 × 273.15 × 273.16)/(70 × 273.16 × 10 × 10 × 10)

P2 = 95.626 × 1000 Pa

P2 = 96kpa (approx.)

Therefore, the pressure at steam point is 96kpa

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