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Define (i) Vermicompost (ii) Green manure (iii) Bio fertilizer

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(a) Vermicompost — Compost is a kind of manure which is rich in organic matter and nutrients. The compost prepared by using earthworms to hasten the process of decomposition of plants and animals refuse is called as Vermicompost.

(b) Green manure — The manure which is prepared by decomposing green plants in field itself is called green manure. For example — sun hemp is grown in fields, mulched by ploughing and allowed to decompose in field for the preparation of green manure.

(c) Bio fertilizer— Living organisms which are used as fertilizer to supply the nutrients to plants, are called as biofertilizers. For example, blue green algae, which fix nitrogen in soil, rice fields, are called as biofertilizer.

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