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Discuss briefly the coastal plains and group of islands as one of the physical divisions of India.

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The Coastal plains of our country are situated with width in variations on both sides of the peninsular plateau. Such plains are the work of either rivers or sea.

They are divided into two groups: 

1. The Western coastal plain 

2. The Eastern coastal plain.

(a) The Western Coastal Plain: This extends from the Gulf of Cambay to Cape Comerin. Its length is 1600 km and the average width is 64 km In this Coastal plain the faster short rivers flow. This plain is larger in North. The Narmada, the Tapti and the Mandvi rivers flow here. Its northern part is called the Konkan coast and the southern is the Malabar coast. The major ports of this river are the Kandla, Mumbai, Marmagao Cochin and Mangalore.

(b) The Eastern Coastal Plain: It extends from the Delta of the Ganga to Cape Comerin. Its length is 1500 km and width is 16 to 480 km. It is divided into Northern Circar and Coromandel coast. The major rivers flowing here are the Mahanadi, the Krishna, the Godavari and Kaveri and the major ports are Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Paradeep and Tuticorin. Important lakes here are Chilka, Pulikat and Kolleru.

Group of Islands: Several islands of our country are situated on the Western and the Eastern Coasts and the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Major islands are Andaman-Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Maldives, Pamban, Heir, Parikud and Sriharikota. The southern most edge of India, i.e. the Indira Point is in Nicobar Island which was affected by tsunami waves in Dec. 2004. The Andaman-Nicobar island is situated in the south 1248 km far from Kolkata in the Bay of Bengal. In this group of islands there are about 205 islands.

In the coastal edges are found the Sundari trees. The major large sized islands are Northern Andaman, Central Andaman, Southern Andaman, Baratung and Ruthland. From the Andaman the Nicobar Islands is 128 km away in the south. Its northern islands are called Kar Nicobar, central is Khmorata and Tankadri and the southern islands are called Nicobar.

The Lakshadweep is situated in the Arabian Sea on the west coast of India. It means one lakh islands. The coconut trees are found here in abundance. In fact, these are coral islands.

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