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What is First-Aid Box? Which medicines and articles should it contain? Write any seven in each case.

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A box that contains medicines and other items that can help a victim of accident or injury. Medicines as pain relieving tablets, Amritdhara, Locula and Eye-tone, Bumol, Coconut oil and Olive oil, Glucose, Alum, Spirit, Boric powder, Dettol, Tincture. Borolin and any antiseptic cream, Glycerin, Iodex, Paracetamol, Aspirin, Boric acid, Common salt, Soda, Mint, Soda-bicarbonate, Rose water, Pudinhara etc. Necessary articles as sterile gauze pieces, adhesive tapes, cotton, nail cutter, cotton-thread, match box, candles, spoon, tumbler, splints, icebag, hot water bottle, thermometer, mustard oil, bandage, scissors, safety-pins, soap, forceps, blade, knife etc.

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