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Correct order of oxidizing strength is:-

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Correct Answer is option (4) i.e  MnO4 - > Cr2O7 2- > VO2 +

We are given an oxocation (VO2 +) and two oxoanions (Cr2O7 2- and MnO4 -) of the transition metals. The ions in which the central metal atom is present in the highest oxidation state will have the highest oxidising power. In VO2 +, vanadium is present in the +5 oxidation state, while in Cr2O7 2- ion, Cr is present in the +6 oxidation state. Similarly in the MnO4 -, Mn is present in the +7 oxidation state. Thus as the oxidation state of the central metal atom increases in the order

 V < Cr < Mn

therefore the oxidising power of the oxo ions increases in the order

MnO4 - > Cr2O7 2- > VO2 +

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