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Discuss the basic nature of schizophrenia and specify its symptoms.

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Schizophrenia is a serious psychotic condition. The name is coined after the two Greek work : ‘Schizo’ meaning ‘split’ and ‘phrenia’ meaning ‘mind’. Thus, Schizophrenia means split on Fragmentation of mind or personality. Approximately one percent of the population suffers from this disorder at some point of time in their life. Such persons typically have problems with attention, perception, thinking, socialrelationship, motivation and emotion. 

E.g. they hear voices that are not there, speak a language that others doesn’t understand, laugh when there is nothing numerous and do not have touch with reality. 

Positive Symptoms : It is disturbances that are “added” to the person’s personality. 

Delusions — false ideas-individuals may believe that someone is spying on him or her, on that they are someone famous (or a religious figure, movie star or president). 

Hallucinations — seeing, feeding, tasting, hearing or smelling something that really does not exist. The most common experience is hearing imaginary voices that given commands, or comments to the individual. 

Disordered Thinking and Speech : Moving from one topic to another, in a nonsensical fashion. Individuals may also make up their own words or sounds, rhyme in a way that doesn’t make sense, or repeat words and ideas. 

Dis organised Behavior : This can range from having problems with routine behaviours . like hygiene or chosing appropriate clothing for the weather, to unprovoked outbursts, to impulsive and uninhabited actions. A person may also have movements that seem anxious, agitated, tense or constant without any apparent reason. 

Negative Symptoms are capabilities that are “cost” from the persons personality. 

• Social withdrawal 

• Extreme apathy 

• Lack of drive or initiative 

• Emotional platness.

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