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What is meant by achievement test ? Discuss any four uses of achievement test.

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Achievement refers to what a person has acquired or achieved after the specific training or instructions have been imparted to him.

Achievement test is also known as proficiency test, in which one measures the extent to which the person has acquired or achieved certain information on proficiency as a function of instruction or training. 

The four uses of achievement test are: 

1. Achievement tests are an effective way to check any weakness in the instructions or even slackness on the part of the examine. If weakness is found in the instructor, the instructor or the teacher may be asked to improve his instructions so that it may include the subsequent instructions. 

2. It is also effective in the formulation of education boards and provides a very easy means of critical examination of the content and method of instruction. 

3. It also helps in adapting the instruction to the individual need of the learner. The performance on the achievement test directly reveals the need for further guidance to be given to each learner and accordingly the instruction can be modified to suit the individual’s need. 

4. Special achievement tests meant for measuring the achievement of the pupils in some selective areas may conveniently be grouped into two distinct groups. The diagnostic test and standardized end of course examinations. The diagnostic tests are the test whose primary function is to identify the educationally retarded pupils and to suggest remedial programmes. Such tests are available in special areas like in reading skills and mathematical skills. 

The standard end course examinations are the series of the achievement tests for different subjects taught at either schools or college level. Since these are the coordinated series of the achievement test in different subjects they provide one system of comparable norms for all tests and thus a direct comparison of scores obtained in different subjects by the same tastee is possible. 

So far as jobs are concerned, results of various achievement test indicated whether after education a person has been able to achieve in certain areas which are required for a particular job. A lot of human energy and resource can be saved if people are selected for jobs, promoted and transferred on the basis of their scores in achievement test/ vocational selection.

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