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Discuss Sigmund Freud’s view about the structure of personality.

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The structure of personality : Freud suggested that personality consists largely of three parts the Id, the ego and the super ego. The id consists of all our primitive, innate urges. These include various bodily needs, sexual, desire and aggressive impulses. According to Freud, the id is totally unconscious and operative in accordance with what he termed the pleasure principle. It demands immediate, total gratification and in . not capable of consideration the potential costs of seeking this goal. 

The second structure of personality is the ego. The ego’s task is to hold the id in check until conditions allow for satisfaction of its impulses. Thus, the ego operates in accordance with the reality principle. It takes into account external conditions and the consequences of various action and directs behavior so as to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. The ego is partly conscious but not entirely; thus, some of its actions – for example, its eternal struggle with the id – are outside our conscious knowledge or understanding. 

The final aspect of personality described by Freud is the Super ego. It too seeks to control satisfaction of id impulses, but, in contrast to the ego, it is concerned with morality – with whether various ways that could potentially satisfy id impulses are right or wrong. The super ego permits us to gratify such impulses only when it is morally correct to do so – not simply when it is safe or feasible, as required by ego. So, for example, it would be the super ego, not the ego, that would prevent a stock broker from altering a computer program and thereby transferring funds from his clients’ accounts into his own account, even though he knew he could get away with this action. 

Freud feel that this constant struggle among id, ego and super ego plays a key role in personality and in many psychological disorders. Moreover, he suggested that the struggle was often visible in everyday behavior in what have come to be known as Freudian Slips errors in speech that in fact betray unconscious thoughts or impulses.

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