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Define gender bias. Examine its consequences for both, men and women.

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Gender bias refers to the discrimination on the basis of the gender of a person whether male or female. Given the fact that ours is a partriachal society, there is a general tendency for the society to be skewed towards men, however gender bias or preference towards one gender over another can impact both the genders. 

Gender bias and women : 

(a) Crimes against women : Since our society is dominated by men this gives rise to various types of crimes being meted out towards the women like rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, eve-teasing, acid attack and so on. 

(b) Work and Women : Many women face sexual harassment at their workplace. Also glass-ceiling effect is an other consequence of gender bias wherein women hardly rise the official hierarchy to occupy high posts. Women are often not paid equal remuneration for equal work in comparison to their male counterparts. 

(c) Family and Women : The girl child is neglected due to preference for male child. Issues like dowry, child marriage and female infanticide and female foeticide result due to such attitudes. Women are denied educational rights, expected to not voice their opinions and stay within the domains private sphere. Also many a times nutrition is also not adequately given to them. Property inheritance right was denied to women for a long time. 

Gender bias and man : 

(d) Children : Men are not given enough rights in matters of abortion of their biological child stating it to be the sole decision of the mothers. 

(e) Lack of Laws : Most of the legal system is skewed towards women making men often fall prey to false charges of rape or domestic violence. There are not enough laws to protect men against crimes like sexual assault, harassment or rape. 

(f) High expectations from society : The men often feel burdened by the high expectations that the society has from them. Some men who are not able to fulfill the parameters of masculinity set by the society often feel distressed and can suffer from various diseases. Even today men are expected to be the main bread winners in the family.

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