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Discuss how the cultural contact led to the changes in dormitories in tribal India.

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The cultural contact with Hindus and conversion to Christianity has led to decay of tribal dormitories. The glamour of urban life and inferior treatment of dormitories by the outside people has led tribals to get detached from their own dormitories. Some of them secretly continue with them, but feel shy to admit it. A few dormitories of ‘Ghotul’ of Muria Gond have named their officers after village officers during British rule like Dewan, Tehsildar, Silledar. Some dormitories have adopted and assimilated new ways of social life. 

The Christian missionaries also dissuaded tribal to dismantle the dormitories and to adopt Christianity. But such converted individuals feel a sense of deprivation and resentment. The influence of Christianity on dormitories is more dominant in northeastern region. However, decay of dormitories without availability of any substitute has led to cultural breakdown and has invited a situation of anarchy. In the absence of the dormitories, the parent-child relationship has also got strained amongst the tribals.

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