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Briefly explain the social-economic problems faced by the tribal people in India.

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The socio-economic problems faced by tribal people in India are : 

Land alienation: The land alienation for the tribal people occurred when the British encroached the tribal regions for the resources. Cutting of forests, creation of dams, mines- excavation also led to the displacement of the tribal leaving them homeless and displaced. 

Illiteracy and ignorance : Inspite of the attempts of the government to provide free and compulsory education to all, most of the tribal people are deprived of education. The main reason for their low level of illiteracy is their remote location, where teachers don’t want to go. Moreover, their superstitions and myths forbids them from acquiring education. Poverty and 

unemployment : Most of the tribal people are living below the poverty line. They are mainly unskilled and as such are employed at low rates. Even, they are exploited by the moneylenders and zamindars, who often try to occupy their land in return of loans. 

Poor health and nutrition : Infectious diseases are common among the tribal people due to unhygienic conditions. Most of them also suffer from malnutrition due to inadequate food and nutrition. 

Cultural problems : Due to coming in contact with the mainstream people, the culture of tribal people is deteriorating, which is leading to degeneration of their dance, music and art forms. Sometimes, in an attempt to learn a mainstream language the tribals may forget their own language. This is termed as the problem of bilingualism

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