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Marriage is characterized by both Exogamy and Endogamy. Explain this statement with a detailed discussion of these two rules of marriage.

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Marriage is characterized by both exogamy and endogamy.’ Following are the rules associated with marriage : 

Exogamy: Everyone prohibits marriage between the individuals who share some degrees of blood or affinal relationships. It is known as exogamy or prohibition of marriage inside the group. In India, the three types of exogamy are Gotra, Sapinda and Pravara exogamy. 

Endogamy: Sometimes restrictions are imposed on the selection of the spouse from outside the same caste or class as that of the individual. The rule of marriage which promotes marriage within the same group is known as endogamy. In India, different types of endogamy are: tribal endogamy, caste endogamy, class endogamy, subcaste endogamy and race endogamy.

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