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What is meant by secularism ? Discuss its role in plural society like India.

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Secularism is a belief that states that no religion should be considered as state religion. In Indian context, secularism means equal treatment of all the religions by the state. India is a country with multi-religions. A number of religions are practiced in India such as, Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. The different religions have different rituals and practices. 

Given such a condition, chances of religious clashes to emerge between the different groups time- groups, time and again, is inevitable. Thus, the state has granted freedom to every citizen for practicing his/her own religion. In order to safe guard the interests of its citizens , Indian constitution has strictly prohibited any discrimination based on religious grounds. Also the state does not promote any religion as its own state religion. 

Role of Securalism in plural society like India: 

• It enables the people of different religion to live in civity with respect for all faiths. 

• It is a part of democracy which grans equal rights. 

• It safeguards minority and democracy by limiting the powers of majority. 

• It checks the growth of destructive communalism.

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