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Define the term ethnicity. Describe any four features of ethnicity.

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Ethnicity : Ethinicity is a situation when a social group which is generally a minority in a society shares within itself a common culture and a we-feeling. Ehnicity refers to a category of people who identify with each other on the basis of common ancestral, social, cultural, or national experiences. 

Following are the features of ethnicity : 

• It is primarily an inherited status. 

• Its members have shared cultural heritage, origin, myth, ancestry, homeland, language and/or dialect, symbolic systems such as religion, history, mythology and ritual, dressing style, cuisine, art and physical appearance. 

• The members have a belief that they are culturally distinctive and different from the outsiders. 

• The ethnic group has a very strong sense of solidarity. 

• They are generally a territorial group as well. 

• Ethnic divisions are social groups- people within the group share a common culture-they are like in groups and have 

• the ‘we’ feeling. 

• Ethnic groups are characterized by discrimination by other groups. 

• Ethnic groups are generally not the dominant group. 

• Historical conditions influence ethnic group interrelationships. 

• Position and significance of ethnic groups varies from society to society.

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