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Briefly explain any five functions of Dormitories in tribal India.

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Following are the functions of dormitories in tribal India : 

Safety : 

Since the dormitories are usually at the center of a tribal community, it is thought they were created to have warriors organized, together and ready at a moment’s notice in times of battle. As a 

Recreational Centre : Dormitories acts as a recreational centre for different plays and also serves as a guest house. 

Community : The dormitories create a sense of community and help ensure the longevity of the tribe and its culture. 

Tradition : Tribes in ancient India used to live in communal houses and allowed for everyone to work together. With this tradition, the tribes may have tried to recreate this on a smaller scale. 

Separation : Dormitories might have been created to segregate the genders, so the males and females did not have access to each other, keeping them pure.

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